Cutting Edge Art Right in Your Living Room: Klio’s 21st Century Mediums are Seriously Cool

From by Mila Pantovich
Cutting Edge Art Right in Your Living Room: Klio’s 21st Century Mediums are Seriously Cool

If you want to step up your art game, you may want to check out Klio. The unique interactive device takes digital art and makes it accessible to homeowners by turning their walls into gallery installations. Framed just like a normal print, Klio uses a UHD display to “play” your chosen artworks, whether it be a calming forest scene or a cool clock art piece that changes according to the time. Plus, since artists are continually creating new work, Klio’s product list will only get bigger as time goes on. 

Digital art is still a fairly new medium, which means that it’s pretty hard to pin down. It can essentially encompass everything from cinemagraphs (which are hybrid pictures with video elements) to morph art, where a still image will suddenly come to life. It can be a little confusing, but the above video does a fantastic job of explaining how digital layering achieves these amazing moving effects. 

Starting at $999 with three frame options, Klio includes a bundle of hundreds of art pieces, which will be continually added to over time. As the company grows, they will begin to add à la carte options and even a subscription service. Easy to use, all you have to do is plug it in and hang it up. It is controlled via the Klio iOS app, enabling you to preview the pieces and create a playlist of favorites. The device connects with your WiFi and if used five hours every day, will only cost around $15 in energy a year. If you want something a little fancier, opt for the $1,299 special-edition metallic Klio or the $1,499 limited-edition that gives you five different customized styles to choose from. 

If you’re an artist and interested in working with Klio, just send over your profile and your work may be displayed in countless homes in no time. 

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