Culinar Launches Online Ordering Platform for Restaurants

Culinar Launches Online Ordering Platform for Restaurants
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Culinar Launches Online Ordering Platform for Restaurants

Culinar Launches Online Ordering Platform for RestaurantsTampere, Finland  (  Culinar is thrilled to announce the launch of its modern ordering platform to enable restaurants to easily integrate online ordering directly onto their website or Facebook page.

By empowering restaurants with the ability to embed Culinar’s platform, restaurants can provide modern service to their customers who increasingly demand digital services with great user experience.

“With the addition of just one line of code, Culinar’s online ordering platform is integrated onto the sites of restaurants,” said Reetu Kainulainen, CEO and Founder of Culinar. “This makes customers feel like they are receiving a personalized service through an individual restaurant, not through a third party app or larger online ordering portal.”

Until now, there has not been an easy or affordable solution for restaurants and other on demand establishments to launch their own online ordering service. Culinar is unique in that it’s ordering menu is designed to maximize conversion from visits to orders while also offering its restaurants obtain behavioral customer data. For example, they can determine who is a frequent customer and why they are placing the orders, better enabling them to meet the needs and wants of consumers.

“We believe online ordering will be the norm for all on demand establishments like restaurants in the near future,” also said Reetu Kainulainen. “Consumers are increasingly moving to digital services. The launching of our embeddable platform is enabling restaurants to keep up with this trend while retaining their customers.”

Culinar Launches Online Ordering Platform for Restaurants

About Culinar

Frustrated by having to call to place orders to their favorite restaurants, Culinar was founded in 2014 by three technology students to make the process easier. Since its founding, Culinar has enabled easier takeaway service by bringing the process online, worked intensively with restaurants and consumers to perfect the service, and has recently launched a global online platform for restaurants to embed online ordering directly on its website and/or Facebook page. Learn More About Culinar

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