Crossroads Mall

7400 Dodge St (at 74th St)
Omaha, NE 68114
(402) 390-8880


  • A horror movie waiting to happen.
  • Growing up in the 90s this mall was great. Now that I'm back 15 years later, it's a ghost town. What happened?!
  • Only Bank of America ATM in Omaha.
  • sleep in their parking lot. I am right now, cozy!
  • great place but, saddly it is a ghost town
  • Victoria's secret has closed. Thats the sign they're about to tear this place down.
  • Visiting from out of town and decided to humor myself to see what the white tent looking feature is.went in and the mall is a ghost town with no one in it. It needs torn down,!
  • this mall isn't even worth time going to very run down and empty only 2 major stores Target and Sears, oh and a book store called barns and nobel the second level is blocked off cause no stores up the
  • Walk around the mall three times!
  • Dead mall. Slated to be bulldozed and replaced with something else. Give it one last walk-through so you can remember it in its glory days in the late 1980s/early 1990s. For shopping, go to Westroads.
  • Ghost town .. ...they need a foodcourt.....desperately
  • Can't wait to see what the new place is going to look like. Still I used to be at this mall all the time as a kid
  • I'm convinced zombies will pop out at any moment. Have you played Dead Rising? This is the mall in that game.
  • sucks nowadays, but better than my hometown
  • Claire's Is Closed!
  • Worst mall ever. Food court - closed. 90% of the stores - closed. Anchor store - failed Target. Total score - Epic Fail.
  • It's not too shabby, always has plenty of sales.
  • No more Bank of America ATM. :(
  • Free parking!!!!
  • Sad little Mall in a sad part of town. Was a good mall until someone got greedy.

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