Cranberry Bars

From by Erin
Cranberry Bars

Cranberry bars with streusel and almond icing are extra special holiday dessert. Recipe includes a gluten-free option.

Cranberry bars have a dense, coffee cake-like base with streusel and almond icing. With a gluten-free option.

After Thanksgiving, I’m always stuck with an odd amount of cranberries that didn’t make it into my favorite orange cranberry sauce, a pie, or a crisp. I usually just freeze them to use at Christmas but after making these bars, I now have the perfect use for leftover cranberries!

These cranberry bars aren’t your typical jam-filled fruit bars. They’re definitely a little different. And better! I found a recipe for crustless cranberry pie that I was excited to try and wanted to add a streusel topping to make it extra special. But no matter what topping I tried, it weighed down the batter too much for it to rise. It made sense as the recipe doesn’t have any leavener in it, but I actually loved the result, which is what I’m sharing with you today.


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