October is National Pasta Month! Celebrate Pasta: The Perfect Meal-Time Problem Solver

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October is National Pasta Month! Celebrate Pasta: The Perfect Meal-Time Problem Solver

Year after year, pasta proves to be one of America’s favorite dishes – wholesome, convenient, affordable and delicious! Because a pasta dish offers nutrition and versatility in a meal, it appeals to all types of consumers. This October, National Pasta Month, celebrate this beloved dish and how pasta can offer many meal planning solutions with tips from the National Pasta Association.

  • Trying to live a healthy lifestyle? New research concludes that pasta eaters are more likely to have better quality diets than non-pasta-eaters, as they have greater intakes of nutrients we typically need more of and have lower intakes of sugar. This is true for both adults and kids! Additionally, pasta is low sodium, cholesterol-free and has a low glycemic index, so it is the perfect foundation for a healthy meal.
  • Need an easy meal to keep you energized? As a complex carbohydrate, pasta is an excellent source of energy for both your brain and your body. Unlike simple sugars, pasta releases energy slowly to sustain you all day long. Enriched pastas also provide important nutrients like folic acid, iron and several B vitamins.
  • Trying to stick to a budget? Made with just a few simple ingredients, pasta is consistently a cost-effective, yet hearty meal choice, making it simple to feed a crowd (or a hungry family)! Check out Pasta Fits’ crowd pleaser recipes here.
  • Short on time? It’s easy to whip up a quick pasta meal that is delicious and nutritious when you’re tight on time. In only 20 minutes or less, pasta can help you put a wholesome, healthy, home cooked meal on the table. You can also easily prepare a pasta meal in advance so you can simply heat and eat when you get home from a busy day.
  • Need to please a picky eater? With so many different recipes available, pasta is the perfect meal to get fussy eaters to try new foods. From mixed vegetables to seafood to different types of sauces, there are countless ways to prepare pasta and incorporate healthy food groups to accommodate different tastes.
  • Trying to boost your veggie intake? Pair veggies with pasta for a healthy meal everyone will love. Whether you include tried and true favorites like broccoli or carrots or introduce a new vegetable for the first time, pasta makes eating your vegetables easier to swallow.

“I consistently recommend including pasta as part of healthy diet because it is the perfect vehicle for bumping up nutritional superstars like beans, legumes, leafy greens, cabbages, tomatoes, onions, garlic and other vegetables,” explains Diane Welland, Registered Dietitian. “With endless possibilities and food combinations, you are sure to find the type of meal you’re looking for by preparing pasta.”

For all recipe ideas, nutritional information and cooking tips on pasta, visit www.PastaFits.org.

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