Monster Mash Madeleines

Monster Mash Madeleines

This Halloween I wanted to put together a fun and easy baking project. These Monster Mash Madeleines are made with Madeleine cookies, white chocolate melts, and decorative sprinkles! They come together fairly quickly making them family friendly.

I decided to make the madeleine cookies from scratch by using a recipe from All Recipes but if you really want to save time you could also purchase a pack from the store. The sprinkles came from a local craft store but I’ve also seen them floating around on Amazon and other online retailers. The madeleine pan I also ordered from Amazon. Funny story about the madeleine pan – when it arrived it was completely bent in half! I looked at it and laughed because there was no way it was usable. Amazon was really quick to replace it and the customer service was very helpful. I had a new pan in my hands by the next day!

You can also swap out any of the food dye colors according to your preference!

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What will you be making this Halloween?

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xo Jus