ICE’s New Sustainability Club Discovers Life in the Greenmarket in the Dead of Winter

Caitlin Gunther


By Leslie Engel — Student, Culinary Arts ‘18


When you’re learning how to perfect your medium dice, you’re probably not contemplating how that carrot ended up on your cutting board. But as future chefs, we should occasionally step away from the kitchen and consider the broader implications of our work. How do our everyday decisions impact our environment, our communities and even the world?

ICE students began contemplating these weighty topics at the inaugural meeting of the Sustainability Club on Saturday, January 20. Our first stop was the Union Square Greenmarket, New York City’s bastion of locally grown, seasonal produce. The day kicked off with Chef Bill Telepan, ICE’s Director of Sustainability, leading us on a tour of the market and introducing us to some of his favorite farmers. While peas and asparagus are still several months away, we learned that there is life at the greenmarket in the dead of winter.


Keep reading to discover what ICE students cooked up at Chef Telepan's acclaimed restaurant.