8 Recipes to Say ‘Aloha’ to the Sweetest Summer Ever

No matter what you’re celebrating this summer, it is sure to be sweet with these recipes!
Kings Hawaiian

You’ll love these unique, party-perfect recipes.

When the weather turns warm, parents, siblings, and grandparents gather — sometimes at your home, sometimes during a family getaway, all with the intention of celebrating the season in its fullest. Summer is ushered in by the cooling spray of sprinklers, the hot rays from the sun, and the consumption of large quantities of summer food.

 You know the sort: burgers, hot dogs, green salad, and gelatin molds. The types of foods that imprint on our minds, constructing our memories of summers past to carry us into the future.

8 Recipes to Say Aloha to the Sweetest Summer Ever

For the perfect summer birthday party (or any summer soirée), find a theme and stick with it. There is always a luau, with grass table skirts, cooling tropical drinks poured from pretty glass dispensers, and lots of fresh fruit! Pick up some leis from your local party store and be generous with the bright florals in your dishware and decorations. Eschew the drinks served in hollowed-out pineapples and coconuts, and go instead for tiki mugs. They’re more durable and easier to handle. All you need is a streaming radio feed tuned to a Hawaiian luau station and you’ll be all set to wish everyone aloha!

This will be the sweetest summer ever, thanks to King’s Hawaiian! Not only are they the ultimate source for your summer entertaining inspiration, but they’re offering fantastic giveaways right now, including the chance to win Weber grills and a trip to Hawaii. I can’t imagine how summer could be any sweeter than that!

Grilled Pineapple Pork Sandwiches

For a touch of sweetness in your main course, you can’t go wrong with Grilled Pineapple Pork Sandwiches! Most of the hard work is done in the slow cooker, so you’ll have your hands free for other preparations.

Island Coconut Bars

It wouldn’t be a luau without coconut. Island Coconut Bars deliver with just three ingredients — it’s one of the easiest desserts you can bake!


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