20 Essential Super Bowl Party Foods and How to Make Them

Make these delicious, game-day staples for Super Bowl Sunday LI


Potato Skins

Whether you’re there for your team, for the love of football, for the love of halftime glitz and funny commercials, or for the wings and beer —Super Bowl Sunday is a day for all kinds.

 According to some pretty hefty stats from last year, American’s take their Super Bowl gorging habits to the extreme. For instance, Americans purportedly drink 325.5 million gallons of beer, eat 4 million pizzas, and consume about 1.23 billion chicken wings on Super Bowl Sunday.


No doubt this “national holiday” is an indulgent one, but if you are going to partake, you might as well do it right and make everything as delicious as possible. For that, The Daily Meal has gathered a list of the essential Super Bowl game day party foods and amassed a number of recipes to help to make them as tasty as possible. So whether you’re hosting (i.e. you have the biggest TV) or you’ve been assigned a dish to contribute to the buffet-style spread, check out this list of 20 awesome recipes that are perfect for sharing on Super Bowl Sunday.