How Much Exercise Does It Take to Burn Off These 13 Classic Super Bowl Party Foods?

There are lots of ways to burn off these tempting Super Bowl indulgences
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Photo Modified: Flickr / niki georgiev / CC BY 4.0

Are you willing to do what it takes to burn off those Super Bowl snacks?

For many Americans, there’s one annual sporting event which ranks above the rest. It may even be more important to them than a wide array of nationally recognized holidays. After weeks and weeks of channel-flipping, tailgating, nail-biting, and (if you’re a Packers fan especially) disappointment, diehard fans across the country are rewarded as the pinnacle of the NFL’s season arrives: the Super Bowl.

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Regardless of whether or not your team is playing on the big day, chances are you’ll reach for a beer, grab the clicker, and tune in to watch the action unfold. You may even be persuaded to attend (or host) a Super Bowl shindig of sorts. One thing that will stand true across all Super Bowl-related festivities is that there will be food involved. Oh, will there ever be food, and the food will not always be of the utmost nutritional value. Just because it’s Super Bowl 50 doesn’t mean that you need to gain 50 pounds, anjust because the spread is full of rich sauces and fatty fried foods, that doesn't mean that you need to steer clear. Through calorie knowledge, moderation, and postgame exercise, you’ll be able to keep Super Bowl 50 as healthy as possible.

We’ve compiled a list of some of the delicious offerings you may be tempted with at a Super Bowl party, and done the math to see how much exercise you’ll need to do to burn off the calories they provide. Because men and women tend to burn calories at different rates, we've taken as our models an "average" example of each. Our woman weighs 150 pounds and stands 5 feet 4 inches tall; our man tips the scales at 200 pounds and is six feet in height; both are 30 years old and somewhat active. Here's the calculator we used.


You don’t need a strict Super Bowl diet, but knowing more about what you’re eating is never a bad thing. Click ahead to see how much exercise it will take to burn off a few mouthwatering Super Bowl snacks.