10 Unhealthiest Super Bowl Snacks

Avoid these sinful party snacks and swap for a healthier alternative

These “usual suspects” can rack up calories on game-day!

For football fans there are certain fares that are a right of passage. You have to have them whether you are at a tailgate or watching the game i your living room. But football fare isn’t exactly synonymous with “healthy” and can often result in an extremely over-loaded eating day. After all, according to the USDA the Super Bowl is the second largest food consumption day behind Thanksgiving. Unfortunately a lot of those foods are absolutely horrible for you.

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Take for instance the classic pigs in a blanket appetizer. Just one of these delicious bites will cost you 88 calories... and who can eat just one? Top that with a tablespoon or two of queso and you can add on 40 additional calories. Add just three wings to you plate and you’re adding an additional 180 calories.


The point is, Super Bowl food can be super fattening. But there are ways you can make easy swaps without compromising taste. Replace cheesy queso with spicy hummus for a healthier, dipping opinion. Ditch the french friend and swap in some zucchini sticks to fill you up without laying on the calories. These are just some of the easy changes you can make to ensure your Super Bowl Sunday is packed with fun and not fat. Click through our slideshow to find out what foods you should avoid and what you can anjoy instead!