11 Super Bowl Party Essentials from 11 Super Bowl Party Essentials Slideshow

11 Super Bowl Party Essentials Slideshow


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11 Super Bowl Party Essentials

Before the Carolina Panthers and Denver Broncos face each other for the ultimate title of Super Bowl 50 champions, the party platters must be prepped. 

Plenty of dedicated fans will watch for the sportsmanship and rivalry, but plenty more will show up for the food. A steady diet of wings, pizza, and chips washed down with an ice cold beer is the only way to celebrate. It might not be the healthiest diet, with an estimated 2400 calories being consumed per super bowl party guest, but this celebration of American athleticism only comes around once a year.

What do you need to keep these sports fanatics you call party guests fed and happy this Super Bowl Sunday? We’ve rounded up some favorites, from barbecued ribs to fresh dips to smoky sausages that will keep your company appeased, while the game and rivalries heat up.