Connemara National Park

National Park
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  • Try to get to the top of the Diamond Hill (the whole walk app 3 h). The view is amazing - leave enough time to stop there and enjoy it.
  • The hike up Diamond Hill was exhilarating and arrestingly beautiful.
  • Nice park with great hiking trails. We took the Diamond Hill trail, with a great view of the water. Watch out for the midges though! (super annoying gnats)
  • Amazing views from half way to the top, no need to be super fit to get up there, just take it easy and walk at your own pace. Watch your knees on the way down though!
  • Ellis nature trail is excellent. Good playground.
  • I very honestly had a life moment here. It's one of the most beautiful places on planet earth. If you're in the area make some time to pull over and walk around. It's "breathtaking" - Keanu Reeves
  • Its a nice walk... the peak is definitely doable... BEWARE of biting insects during the summer! Insect repellents are a must!
  • The most beautiful area in/on Ireland...
  • Die Teekche sollte man besuchen weil leckeren, selbst gemachtes Essen.
  • Great for walking.
  • The Upper Diamond route is beautiful and well marked. It took us about three hours including breaks. Beautiful sights all they way, but the midges are extremely annoying when there is no wind.
  • Do walk the red trail! Be sure to bring walking shoes, water and some food to enjoy after the climb.
  • Climbing the Diamond. Free entry.
  • The hike up to the top of Diamond Hill is rigorous but extraordinary.
  • Unbelievable beautiful. I left my heart at Connemara
  • Great park. Amazing hike with different routes.
  • If it's sunny and you're at least somewhat fit, definitely do the Upper Hill Diamond Walk. Take your time to enjoy the view (not only when you're on top of the mountain). :)
  • Very disappointing organisation... Said to be open all year long and it was closed on a Sunday...
  • Spettacolare!
  • If you're mobility impaired, there's an alternative entrance. Go back to the crossroads and turn right.

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