Coast Cafe

$ $ $
46 Wharf Rd.
Bolinas, CA 94924
(415) 868-2298


  • the oyster stew is like eating a tide pool (in a good way)
  • Ribs! And BBQed oysters.
  • Go to Coast Cafe and don't miss the local fish.
  • Try the apple pie but frankly everything here is outstanding, you can not make a bad choice. Enjoy :)
  • get the fish and chips. and one of the local lagunitas brews on tap.
  • Cute spot in town with friendly staff and super quick service.
  • The coffee and snack stand outside has amazing tamales (chicken + veggie). Gluten free!
  • Clam chowder. Oysters. Ceviche. Enjoy The patio
  • Good vibes
  • The garlic bread is amazing! 3 huge pieces for an affordable price!
  • Good chowder and great fried oysters! Makes me think the fried fish must be great too.
  • Excellent fish and chips!
  • "Deelightful" late lunch on the patio. Tasty French Onion Soup, followed by the Oysters, Clams and Calamari...nothing better!
  • Fog and food yum!!!
  • Pretty good Meatloaf.
  • Marin IJ dining review: Bolinas cafe as much of a purist as its residents (follow link!)
  • The Wild Halibut and Chips was amazing. Tasted extremely fresh! Awesome Vintage Surfboard hang from the ceiling.
  • the oysters are great! try the BBQ ones.
  • The food is OK. Growing up in Bolinas it was the only restaurant you could go out and eat in. I remember when it had a ice cream parlor too. Overall great staff most of the time and breakfast is
  • Breakfast-wise the basics are good (eggs, pancakes, bacon, etc). Ordering the brisket-hash a few months ago was a major mistake (not fresh, got sick from it). Overall its an OK place.

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