CJ's Big Dipper

Ice Cream
150 Main St
Bar Harbor, ME 04609


  • Blueberry soft serve is perfect. Big portions, so go small.
  • Please note before ordering: A "Small" cone here would probably be called "Extra Large" anywhere else. I assume the "Medium" is perfect for a small family.
  • Go for the "I don't know what I'm having yet", it's the best!
  • Blueberry Soft Serve is the Best
  • Kiddie Cones are the perfect size!
  • The blueberry soft serve is the jam. Staff pretty casual and weirdly flirty but whatever it's a cute place.
  • blueberry ice cream is amazing
  • Get the blueberry ice cream!
  • Great blueberry soft serve!
  • This ice cream is sickeningly sweet. Not what ice cream is supposed to taste like.
  • Vegan options!
  • The malt isn't very malt-y but it's an excellent chocolate flavor with a perfect texture and weight.
  • Salted caramel truffle ice cream + chocolate sprinkles = love. Try it! The serving sizes are pretty generous, also a wonderful surprise!
  • Butter crunch is awesome and really creamy :)
  • Amazing soy ice cream.
  • Try the Grape Nuts ice cream!

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