Movie Theater, Cineplex, Indie Movies
85 West Portal Ave (at Vicente St)
San Francisco, CA 94127
(415) 661-2539


  • Not too busy so you have a good pick of seats. Nice and cozy
  • Their popcorn is so salty, in a delicious way. Small concession stand, three theater rooms, cozy seats, and no one is ever here. It's perfect. Some rows have seats where the arms don't go up, odd...
  • Chopped up theater was once two, or one big screen. So the odd angled seats and screen like at the Stonestown nearby. Plus pay for parking. First and last time. :(
  • This theater is small with three small screens but I love it. Super convenient and great to see a movie that's just been released on a Friday they have tea!
  • Super cute for a date night!
  • Oh, and my wife and I were carded. I guess it's a compliment but we're both well into our twenties and easily look over 18.
  • There are three screens. Two of them are not much bigger than my TV and oriented at an odd angle. The main screen is fairly normal. Suffice to say, make sure you only get the main screen.
  • The screen is at an angle. Really. Need I say more?
  • If you want the best experience here, make sure the movie you want to see is in the main theater. The smaller theaters allow sound.
  • Strawberry flavored bag
  • I was appalled by the ADS shown before the movie! I got the business card for the regional leader- I'm going to give him a piece of my mind...
  • The theaters are so close to each other that sound from a loud movie can be heard in another theater. Not a big fan. (via Scoville)

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