The Center Of The Universe

Row 1

3401 Fremont Pl. N (Fremont Ave, N 35th)
Seattle, WA 98103
(206) 778-3997

Foursquare Tips

  • Check in? Poof. You're a hipster.
  • Freemont is full of idiots on the weekends.
  • Came from mars just to visit this place (!)
  • Set your watch five minutes back and ahead in the self proclaimed time-warp "Center of the Universe" Fremont.
  • The creator of this just put it up one night. Prefers to not take credit for it. The real life places are places he has actually been to.
  • Watch out for the hippies on bicycles, they'll mow you down without a secong glance.
  • Take the time to read all the signs. Even if it means standing on the median for a couple of crosswalk cycles. It is totally transcendental.
  • Turn your watch back 5 minutes ;)
  • Love this sign
  • Mileage. Fremont.