Carmike 13

Movie Theater, Cineplex
910 Meijer Dr (at Prospect Ave)
Champaign, IL 61822
(217) 359-4995


  • Rise of the Guardians was a very enjoyable movie....both kids & adults will love this especially the fairy tale characters factor
  • The renovation lead to an amazing experience. As much popcorn as you can eat and the great touch screen pop machines make concessions awesome.
  • Always bring a hoodie or a sweater. The A/C is cranked way high.
  • When you sneak in drinks, don't knock the bottles/cans over causing them to roll down the floor.
  • Good movie. Theater lines were long but we got through fast :)
  • It's cold in this place wtf !!! Nice theatre though
  • Savoy theatre is nicer
  • Check out the new drink machines. Diet cherry Fanta is delish!
  • I love the new Big 3D screen. The prices are okay but Savoy theatre is cheaper and their concessions are as well.
  • Don't get a large drink ... Bathroom trip #2
  • Come on Tuesday's and get a small popcorn
  • Check out the cool new drink machines!
  • Savoy is better. And cheaper.
  • Comfortable Seating here
  • The movie theater was remodeled last year so everything is shiny and new. Very nice.
  • The new big screen is nice.
  • 2 adult tix and a Large Couple special $35.
  • The new renovation looks great!
  • Not impressed. Went from 18 theaters to 13. Their popcorn smells like targets. Savoys IMAX wins.
  • Awesome! Always as good as the others!;)

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