Canning for Home Cooks – Preserving Fall’s Finest

Easy canning tips for home cooks to preserve the luscious, ripe fall harvest.

Apple Butter

With the harvest season winding down, many people forget about the simple and delicious ways to preserve these ripe fruits and vegetables for the cold winter months. For the uninitiated, canning at home can seem intimidating, but with the proper equipment and patience, it is something home cooks can easily master. Don’t have a pressure canner? Marisa McClellan shows you how to make your own at home.



From: Simply Recipes

Instead of making apple sauce with your harvest apples, try apple butter, which doesn’t actually contain any butter. Click here to see more apple recipes


Meyer Lemons

From: Consider the Pantry

Meyer lemons are a subtly sweet cross between a normal lemon and a mandarin orange. Typically only available fresh in the late fall and winter, this meyer-lemon jam will last you well into next season.




Roasting the beets before pickling concentrates the juices, so you don’t lose too much flavor when you add the pickling brine.


Pickled Mustard Greens

From: Saveur

Pickling and canning mustard greens tempers their bite. These healthy greens are often used to garnish Japanese dishes.



From: American Home Canning

These canned mushrooms are simply cooked and versatile enough to use as pizza toppings or in pasta sauces.



From: Hip Girls Home

This slightly sweet preserve gets a load of flavor from added ginger and is also a unique way to make use of overgrown zucchinis this fall.


Quince Jelly and Paste

From: Seasonal Ontario Food

When eaten raw, quince is tart and astringent. But when cooked slowly and pureed, a tropical fruity sweetness emerges. You can strain the puree to make a clear jelly as well.


Rosemary Grape Jelly

From: Saving the Season

Thick-skinned Concord grapes have the most intoxicating scent, and while they are difficult to eat because of their large seeds, they are ideal for jams. This rosemary-infused grape jelly is  perfect with warm focaccia.


Canned Pears In Vanilla Syrup

From: Put Up or Shut Up

Pears are a great fruit for canning, with a firm texture and a subtle flavor, and versatile enough to garnish a salad, bake in a tart, or simply eat alone with chocolate sauce.


Sweet and Sour Pickled Red Onions

From: Food in Jars

Pickling red onions mellows the raw onion flavor and tenderizes the texture. They can be used in salads, to top pizzas, burgers and tacos.