Camp Randall Stadium

Row 1

1440 Monroe St
Madison, WI 53711

Foursquare Tips

  • This stadium is the oldest and fifth largest stadium in the Big Ten Conference.
  • Jump Around!
  • They call it Camp Randall Stadium, but we all know this place transforms into The House of Pain after the 3rd quarter. In a word: awesome.
  • Get your game face on! Whether you're in Section O or P or anywhere in-between, youre inside one of the greatest college football venues in America.
  • ESPN didn't call it the greatest College Town for nothing!
  • Where Ohio goes to die.
  • Try some gopher meat while your here
  • Don't sneak in whiskey. It is unethical.
  • Participate in all the great traditions: "Jump Around," The Wave, ESFU, and The Fifth Quarter.
  • Big Ten Champions!!!
  • Great football venue. Stay for the fifth quarter and let the crowds and traffic sort themselves out. Dance, clap and enjoy the bedlam.
  • Great Stadium great fans great place to play football.
  • Make sure to stay through fourth quarter at UW football games to be a part of a tradition that started in 1998 and is still going strong today - Jump Around!
  • Great day for a Game!
  • Bucky doesn't appreciate it when you take a dip of chew at Camp Randall, so don't do it.
  • Don't wear the opposing teams colors in the student section
  • Cream some Cornhuskers!!!
  • After 730 miles the Sonic Road Trip Warriors arrive in Madison for Penn States regular-season finale on 11/26. Check out the all-new Sonic and see if its looks cant warm you up a bit.
  • Camp Randall Stadium, built in 1917, is the home for Wisconsin's football team. The current capacity (80,321) ranks among the nation's largest school-owned stadiums.
  • Win a Big Ten Championship