Cafeteria Marianao

Cuban, Coffee Shop
2246 N Milwaukee Ave
Chicago, IL 60647
(773) 278-4533



  • Learn how to speak Spanish for best/quickest service!!
  • You get faster service here if you order in Spanish.
  • I've been coming here for word... FLAME!!!
  • Mmm cafe con leche
  • Recommend the cafe con leche and a cuban sandwich.
  • Make sure you get the cafe con leche!! So good! Cash only place.
  • Best ham, egg, & cheese sandwich EVER!!!!!!
  • Best sandwichs ever... !!!
  • If you look white they take forever to take your order. Lmao try a double steak they are amazing!
  • best cuban sandwiches in town. All under five bucks!
  • Steak sand
  • The cubano and very friendly staff
  • Delishous food always
  • there is no way this place passed health inspection. thats what makes it tastly. the wonder brith!
  • Duplicate. Please flag.
  • No idea where this place is, but it is NOT Marianao on Milwaukee & Prindeville.
  • Youd think the Cubano is the required order, but the big draw is the steak: thin slices of juice-dripping beef piled onto fresh bread, topped with griddled onions and toasted on the hot press.
  • great cuban sandwiches and cafe con leche!
  • best sandwiches ever
  • Don't eat the churro