Boxy POS Launches, Disrupts Traditional Restaurant POS Software Model


Boxy POS Launches, Disrupts Traditional Restaurant POS Software Model

Boxy POS Launches, Disrupts Traditional Restaurant POS Software ModelBreda, The Netherlands  (  Boxy POS, a new point-of-sale (POS) platform, launches today, and will help restaurant owners globally achieve greater efficiency and profitability.

It will also disrupt an industry that has come to rely on patchy solutions from a fragmented marketplace of vendors.

Boxy POS is completely free to download, install, and deploy. It is not simply free for a trial period, or free for a fixed set of features. Upgrades, as they are released, will also be made available for free.

Frustrated with expensive, fragmented software, co-founder and restaurateur Avner Friedman teamed up with technology developer Noam Copel to devise a solution.  Together, the culinary/developer duo created their own fully functional POS platform and put a groundbreaking spin on it: they are offering it for free.

Costs to the business owner, however, include the purchase of hardware, such as PCs, touch-screen monitors, tablets and other devices. Boxy POS does not sell such hardware, and a restaurant’s existing hardware can be used, if compatible.

“Most POS systems currently available on the market lack functionalities present in Boxy POS, such as real-time monitoring and social integration,” explains Friedman.  “With the introduction of Boxy POS, a significant move away from the status quo in the industry is on the horizon.”

The previously frustrated Friedman now has Boxy POS working in his own restaurant, Neri Sushi in Breda, The Netherlands, and with great results.  The software has proven to be remarkably easy to integrate with his restaurant’s operations and equally easy for his staff to use.  Friedman and his management team have remote access to all of their operational needs, including sales processing, table controls, custom analytics, and hours tracking.

“It was time for restaurant owners to catch up to the rest of the world and enjoy free technology,” adds Copel. “With the abundance of advances in technology happening everywhere around us, why should they be forced to pay so much for inferior POS solutions?”

In the coming months, the team behind Boxy POS will stay very busy.  While POS systems are primarily used by restaurants to transmit orders, manage inventory, and process sales, Boxy POS constantly incorporates new features that optimize the platform even further, including running promotions, marketing via social media, and building customer communities.  Again, these updates are available to all users free of charge, and on an unlimited basis.

Boxy POS is inviting restaurant owners around the globe to join this revolution in the restaurant industry.  To get it up and running for free in your restaurant, visit and follow the instructions to download.

About Boxy POS

Boxy POS is the new All-in-One box that allows restaurants and coffee shops to achieve greater efficiency and profitability. Boxy POS is free to download, install, and deploy. All modules, features, upgrades and support are also available for free. Please visit and start using it in your restaurant today.

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