Boxed Breakfasts and Bud Burgers

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Boxed Breakfasts and Bud Burgers

Monday again. Here’s what others were talking about while the rest of us were weekending and avoiding politics:

All Day Breakfast at McDonald’s has spawned something new and potentially ground breaking at its Pacific NW stores: multi-person boxed breakfasts. The four-person NFL-tied Blitz Box in Seattle includes two Egg McMuffins, two Sausage McMuffins, two Sausage Burritos and four hash browns. It’s been sold all day.

mcd_blitzbox-breakfastAn NBA-themed Blaze Box version in Portland, Ore., includes two Sausage, Egg & Cheese McGriddles, two Egg McMuffins and four hash brown patties for $12.

McDonald’s has been testing versions of boxed multi-person meals since 2010, when it introduced Family Dinner Boxes in Australia. It first tried boxed breakfasts in 2011, but the NW breakfast boxes are a first for the U.S., I believe.


The Budweiser Brew House Bacon Cheeseburger that Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s were reported to be testing in June will get a nationwide rollout next week (Oct. 26, 2016) according to

Budweiser beer Burer at Carl's Jr.As tested, the “Bud Burger” was topped with “Budweiser Beer Cheese,” applewood-smoked bacon and caramelized onions. It was priced at $5.29, which is about where it likely will be as a national item, given current pricing trends.


The Habit Burger Grill has an answer to Shake Shack’s new Salt & Pepper Honey Chick’n, Sonic’s Ultimate Chicken Sandwich and other premium-price chicken sandwiches.

Habit’s $6.25 Golden Chicken Sandwich is a chicken breast that is hand dipped into house-made seasoned flour and buttermilk–not once but twice–then fried. The final touches are the additions of a new spicy red pepper sauce, sliced tomato, lettuce and pickles, all on a soft toasted bun. The sandwich is national but available only through Nov. 22, 2016.

Habit Golden Chicken***************

Friday was the Blue Moon Burger Bash at the annual New York Wine & Food Festival. This year’s winner according to the judges was The Burger Queen (below) from New York City’s David’s Cafe.

David's Cafe

The people tasted it all differently. The People’s Choice Award winner was the Greg Norman burger (below) from Black Tap Craft Burgers & Beers, also in New York City.

Black Tap Greg Norman***************

Prepare for a wave of overheated headlines today because the Wall Street Journal reported that two more McDonald’s executives announced plans to retire at year-end.

Chief Field Officer Karen King and SVP-Customer Experience Erik Hess will be gone at the end of the year. Earlier, McDonald’s USA President Mike Andres and Chief Administrative Officer Peter Bensen had said they will leave at year-end. It should be noted that Lucy Brady joined the company as SVP-corporate strategy and business development last month. She had been a senior partner and managing director at The Boston Consulting Group.