Bobcat Bite

Burgers, American
420 Old Las Vegas Hwy
Santa Fe, NM 87501
(505) 983-5319

Down the Old Las Vegas Highway (the original Route 66), the green chile cheeseburger joint Bobcat Bite, founded by Mitzi Panzer in 1953, has been hailed by Hamburger America's George Motz, Roadfood's Jane and Michael Stern, Food Network, and even Bon Appétit as not only the zenith of green chile cheeseburgers, but perhaps one of the greatest burgers period in the US of A. This 29-seat diner sitting atop a desolate, dusty dirt hill, was supposedly named after the local fauna that would ravage the garbage cans at night looking for leftovers. A recent dispute between the Panzer family and John and Bonnie Eckre, who took it over 12 years ago, means that there will now be two spots in the area claiming the heritage and expertise of what has become a legend. It remains to be seen which ("The Bite" or "Bobcat Bite") restaurant can lay claim to regulars’ and experts’ title as best green chile cheeseburger, but it’s clear that the restaurant’s ginormous house-ground, boneless chuck, 10-ounce burgers cooked to temperature preference and blanketed with green chiles under white American cheese on huge, ciabatta-like buns deserve a shout-out as one of the nation’s best burgers. -Arthur Bovino



  • Amazing green chili cheeseburgers.
  • Everyone knows they make a killer green chile cheeseburger, but do be sure to take cash and watch the strange hours of operation, especially in the winter, to avoid disappointment.
  • Expect a wait, but so worth it!
  • Once a roadside trading post and gun shop, this famous Mom-and-Pop diner is now best known for its green-chile cheeseburger made from freshly-ground Colorado beef. Cash only.
  • Best chili burger in the world
  • Take cash only.
  • Check out Bobcat Bite as seen on Burger Land , Bizarre Foods America
  • The meal of choice since the early days has been a grilled green-chile cheeseburger using ten ounces of freshly ground Colorado beef made from choice whole boneless chuck, ground fresh daily.
  • Probably a good place, but waiting two hours to get a burger just isn't going to happen. I ended up going elsewhere.
  • Almost 2 hours and still have not been seated... Thinking RealBurger sounds real good right about now
  • Standard hamburger
  • The cheese is american/swiss mixture for their burger.
  • The best green chile cheeseburger in the world.
  • Write your name immediately on the waiting board to get in if you see people standing around. Cash only.
  • They are very busy and fair, but not particularly handicap-friendly. If you have a special needs diner, be prepared to order "to go."
  • Burger good, and cooked perfectly pink to order. But not enuf green chile. Ask for more on the side
  • Green Chile burger-yum!
  • Best green chile cheeseburger anywhere!
  • Bacon Green Chili and cheese burger with thier homemade fries Yummy
  • The BEST green chili cheeseburger on the planet - bar none. Be prepared to wait, but it WILL be worth it.