Big Spring Park

700 Monroe St SW (Church St.)
Huntsville, AL 35801


  • Enjoy the outdoors every Monday night during the summer at Concerts in the Park.
  • Bring coins to purchase feed for the ducks from the lakeside dispensers. The feed is healthier for the ducks than bread.
  • Make sure to go here in the winter to stroll past all the randomly decorated Christmas trees.
  • Come to the park. Feed the ducks.
  • Sometimes, there is great concert in this park. So many duck, be careful! They can beat you :)
  • Amazing screen.
  • Avoid the goose poop.
  • Lovely park with a lake. Bring a camera, bring seeds (not bread as it hurts the animals) to feed. Great location for a picnics and lots of dive bars to enjoy. Great for a date, or late night.
  • Big Spring Park is a precious resource located in the heart of downtown Huntsville, AL. Ample parking is available along adjacent streets or at the nearby Von Braun Center parking garage.
  • Come here for an enjoyable time. Have a walk around the lake, throw frisbee with friends, or have a picnic. The possibilities are endless in this beautiful park.
  • Fun! But what's up with the "No Feeding the Animals Bread" message everywhere??? I've been feeding the ducks bread since I was a kid!
  • If a duck shakes his tail at you, he is sending good luck your way.
  • Sit on the steps leading down to the springs and you can usually reach 3 Pokestops at once. #PokemonGO
  • Really nice park, great entertainment area nearby
  • Beautiful scene, ducks, islands, and nice spots for sitting quietly.
  • The Christmas tree display was so amaZing!
  • Great park to rest and food ducks but bring coins to purchase duck food. Wonderful views at night.
  • Delicious coffee shop located in the corner of the park on the first floor of an office building - tasty beverages and food!
  • Don't feed the ducks bread!!
  • There are baby ducks here! You can touch them!

Nearby places

300 Church St SW (at Huntsville Museum of Art)
119 Northside Sq (Btw Washington & Jefferson)
300 Church St SW