Top Rated Wild Rice Recipes

Vegan File Okra Gumbo
A classic gumbo contains a variety of seafood, meats and vegetables in a thick roux, typically served over rice. This recipe gives a spin to this Creole cuisine to make it vegan-friendly for anyone under dietary restrictions. He recommends only using Italian vegan sausages because other sausages may not mix well with the seasonings used in his gumbo.  This recipe is courtesy of chef Kenneth Temple.
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Rice and Turkey Soup
Chef Patrick Long from The Green Room in South Carolina created this recipe to use Thanksgiving leftovers. 
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Believe it or not, this was the first time I've ever seared scallops. Yes, it's true. I have a few tips that I picked up on while perfecting these guys that you should know if you're a first-timer, too. One, butter is key. Two, always make sure your scallops are very dry before you sear them. Three, don't overcrowd the pan, because the juices from the scallops will prevent you from properly searing them. The pea purée is a great complement, but keep in mind that you can substitute other vegetables into that as well, such as carrots, butternut squash, or corn. Click here to see 5 Sublime Scallop Recipes.
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Fried Egg with Wild Rice and Kale
This protein- and energy-packed dish was inspired by the delicious and lovely eggs sent to us by Pete and Gerry's. With a half-dozen blue eggs (from Ameraucana hens) and a half-dozen chocolate-red eggs (from Marans hens), us editors got to make a dish that showcased the brilliant taste and color of the eggs.  I wanted a dish that would allow me to really enjoy the rich flavor of the deep orange yolk — and what better than breaking a fried egg over a mountain of spicy kale and wild rice? It makes a quick and easy dinner, especially if you already had leftover rice.  Feel free to substitute other winter greens for kale, and adding sautéed mushrooms or other vegetables can't hurt.  Click here to see What Are Heirloom Eggs?
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