Top Rated Tempura Recipes

Grilled Nectarines
In honor of National Tempura Day on Friday, January 7th, acclaimed Chef Jeff Tunks from TenPenh Restaurant in Washington, D.C. offers up a simple recipe for Tempura Vegetables.
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Barramundi Rodeo Burger
Chef Andrew Gruel of Slapfish Restaurant in California shares his favorite way to serve Barramundi, a flaky white fish by Australis and the first-ever ocean-farmed fish to have received a Monterey Bay Aquarium “Best Choice” rating. 
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My go-to late-summer recipe is my Minute Steak Recipe, which is literally done in minutes on a hot grill, and served alongside stewed, grilled tomatoes, and tempura-fried peach slices. When it's complemented by a cocktail like warmed apple cider with whiskey or warmed brandy with a pinch of cinnamon, you’ll almost be excited to say goodbye to summer and welcome fall.
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Tempura Trout on Fried Green Tomatoes and Creamed Corn
This dish is a twist on a classic Southern staple, fried green tomatoes. Frying trout in tempura batter keeps it airy and crispy, and using fresh kernels for the creamed corn keeps the flavors fresh and light. This style of cooking is typical of the dishes we serve at Inovasi, which draw upon flavors from around the world to make innovative versions of familiar dishes. See all corn recipes. Click here to see 5 Creative Recipes for Green Tomatoes.
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Scott Serpas serves this enticing sushi roll at his namesake restaurant Serpas in Atlanta, and created this recipe so that you can make it at home. 
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As long as you know how to cook scallops, this recipe is fairly straightforward. Don't let the tempura-fried Brussels sprouts scare you, they're pretty easy to make at home as well.
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Tempura may be the distant relative of the french fry. The Japanese have long enjoyed the crispy, crunchy taste of fresh vegetables coated with a fluffy batter.
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  Batter-fried fish tacos as we know them in the United States originated in the 1930s in Ensenada, Mexico, home to a large Japanese immigrant population who worked in the fishing industry there. Along with their skills as fishermen, the Japanese also brought with them the technique for tempura—deep-frying fish in batter. The Mexicans adapted this technique to make tacos, using young shark, a very inexpensive local catch that held up beautifully when fried. These tacos are best served immediately as fried foods get soggy if left to sit. If you can’t find shark, substitute a firm, moist white fish like wahoo, tilapia, or mahi mahi.
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Crispy Cod Tacos
Here's a recipe for fish tacos that you won't be able to stop eating until they're all gone. There are a lot of moving parts in this recipe, but none of them are particularly difficult to accomplish, and the layers of flavor they impart to the tacos are well worth the trouble. If you split up the different parts of the recipe with a few extra hands in the kitchen, it'll be a piece of cake. Click here to see What Fish Should You Be Eating Now for Flavor, Health, and Environment.
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Unlike heavily armored grasshoppers, beetles, and other land anthropods, tarantulas wear an outer layer of chitin that is comparatively thin and pliable. That's right: their eight muscular limbs are chewy, not crunchy. As such, the plentiful meat on one of these animals is more accessible and, hence, the makings for a savory spider soirée. 
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