Top Rated Taco Salad Recipes

Summer Taco Salad
Recipe Courtesy of Rojo’sTaco salads are often served in a fried-tortilla fashioned into a bowl, which really distorts their nutritional information. In their purest form, however, taco salads are nothing more than seasoned meat, lettuce, black beans, and cheese. This recipe is a perfect example of how a taco salad should be made. 
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Taco Salad
Once you realize how unhealthy most taco salads are, it’s tough to enjoy eating one without a side of guilt. By ditching the usual fried tortilla bowl and swapping in more fresh vegetables and leaner meat, I was able to substantially lower the fat in this Tex-Mex favorite. The creamy cilantro dressing replaces the guilt with a big side of yum!
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Turkey Taco Salad
Recipe excerpted from Fast and Easy Five-Ingredient Recipes: A Cookbook for Busy People by Philia Kelnhofer. My friend who is a busy mom taught me how to make this salad, and now I make it all the time on nights when I’m short on time but want a delicious salad. It takes a total of 20 minutes to make and is great for a quick dinner salad or for lunch the next day.Click here to purchase your own copy of the book. 
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hormel taco meats epic taco bowl
"For something light and fresh try creating your own taco salad. Start with Hormel® Taco Meats™, which are all natural and pre-cooked, and add your favorite seasonal vegetables. I added one of our favorite grains, quinoa, which gives an extra boost of protein, and avocado for a healthy fat. This salad is packed with nutrients and full of flavor." – Chef Angela Sellers
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