Top Rated Rockfish Recipes

Ingredients:2 slices Rock fish, cut into cubes3 cloves garlic, minced finely1 tsp chopped fresh red chilies (Thai chili)2 tsp or more fish sauce1/2 tsp palm sugar3 Tbsp fish stocka handful fresh Thai basilMethod:Add 2 teaspoon of fish sauce and some ground pepper to the fish and keep aside.Add a 2 tablespoon olive oil and add minced garlic follow by the red chilies. Then add the fish and half the basil and stir fry for a minute or two.Then add the fish stock, the palm sugar and cook for 2 minutes. Add the remaining basil, adjust seasoning and serve hot with a bowl of rice.
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Pescado Rodrigo
Pescado Rodrigo is a beloved dish in Mexico City, and I make it at least a couple of times a month. Fresh tilapia or other mild white fish, seared until crispy, then drizzled with a chunky citrus sauce, is the seafood to stuff into corn tortillas for tacos. This recipe comes from the Bellinghausen, a Mexico City restaurant established in 1915 and cherished by many families, including ours. Its classic hacienda style, complete with tiles and a working fountain, is so dignified that my sisters and I used to dress to the nines to eat there on Sundays. The menu never changes; it doesn't need to.Click here to see 5 Authentic Mexican Dishes for Cinco de Mayo.
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