Top Rated Rockfish Recipes

This recipe uses a marinade of sambal paste and lemongrass. Once you have the sambal on hand you can create many delicious spicy meals, like this pan-grilled rockfish fillet in banana leaf with okra and angle beans. This recipe uses rockfish, but you can opt for skate wing, stingray, or any mildly flavored fish.  
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Simple Beer-Battered Rockfish Tacos
This simple and delicious recipe for beer-battered rockfish tacos is courtesy of Sitka Salmon Shares.
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Rockfish shines in these spicy fish croquettes with pasilla peppers, served with a mango honey mustard dipping sauce. It makes a great appetizer for a dinner party or as part of a fun fish fry.
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Enjoy the taste of summer with this coconut-crusted rockfish, cooked in a mix of butter and coconut oil, that's topped with a tropical mango salsa. 
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Ingredients:2 slices Rock fish, cut into cubes3 cloves garlic, minced finely1 tsp chopped fresh red chilies (Thai chili)2 tsp or more fish sauce1/2 tsp palm sugar3 Tbsp fish stocka handful fresh Thai basilMethod:Add 2 teaspoon of fish sauce and some ground pepper to the fish and keep aside.Add a 2 tablespoon olive oil and add minced garlic follow by the red chilies. Then add the fish and half the basil and stir fry for a minute or two.Then add the fish stock, the palm sugar and cook for 2 minutes. Add the remaining basil, adjust seasoning and serve hot with a bowl of rice.
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Broiled rockfish in a lemon butter sauce, served alongside roasted potatoes and steamed green beans, makes for a perfectly easy summer meal that won’t leave you feeling weighed down.
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Pescado Rodrigo
Pescado Rodrigo is a beloved dish in Mexico City, and I make it at least a couple of times a month. Fresh tilapia or other mild white fish, seared until crispy, then drizzled with a chunky citrus sauce, is the seafood to stuff into corn tortillas for tacos. This recipe comes from the Bellinghausen, a Mexico City restaurant established in 1915 and cherished by many families, including ours. Its classic hacienda style, complete with tiles and a working fountain, is so dignified that my sisters and I used to dress to the nines to eat there on Sundays. The menu never changes; it doesn't need to.Click here to see 5 Authentic Mexican Dishes for Cinco de Mayo.
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Asian Pomegranate Grilled Alaskan Rockfish
Whether you grill, roast, or pan-sear your Alaskan rockfish, don't forget the marinade. This one includes tamari sauce and pomegranate molasses. The oily nature of Alaskan rockfish makes it perfect for marinating.
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Delicious blackening spices elevate beautiful rockfish fillets. They’re topped with a garlic and cilantro compound butter to round out a seasoned entrée. Serve with rice and roasted seasonal vegetables.
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A whole rockfish baked with everyone’s favorite go-to Asian ingredients: sesame oil, fresh lime slices, soy sauce, red pepper powder (gochugaru), julienned carrots and ginger, garlic, and lots of cilantro.
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Want crunch without frying? The Daily Meal has a way for you to achieve crispy skin. When you’re baking your fish in the oven, coat it with panko breadcrumbs — it will be as crispy as any piece of fried fish. 
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