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Today, gimbap is the most popular on-the-go meal in Korea. They are practically sold everywhere. To make gimbap, the rice is rolled in seaweed with various fillings. Traditionally, the rice is lightly seasoned with sesame oil and salt. The fillings are individually seasoned and cooked, yielding an interesting combination of textures and flavors. Everything is well seasoned, so gimbap is not served with sauce. There are many variations these days, but the best gimbap to me is the traditional version my mother used to make for us on our field trip/picnic days. So, here is how to make gimbap the traditional way! See all appetizer recipes.
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coconut scented
This is a great recipe that calls for fall flavors. In just no time, you'll have the perfect appetizer. Click here for 15 Asian-Inspired Thanksgiving Recipes
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