Top Rated Portuguese Recipes

Soft Shell Crab Sandwich with Harissa Aioli
Soft shell crabs are an east coast delicacy only available during the warmer months. Their crispy texture and rich flavor match up well against the dynamic spices and heat of the harissa aioli. — Courtesy of David Seigal, Executive Chef of Cull & Pistol Oyster Bar
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Portuguese Feijoada à Transmontana
The national dish of Portugal has a worldwide following. The basics of the dish — beef, pork and fijão (beans) — is shared by all the country’s former colonies from Brazil to Macau, and you’ll find variations in Angola, Cape Verde, Mozambique, and Goa in India, too. However, Feijoada à Transmontana is considered to be the most traditional of all recipes and the basis for all other feijoadas. It originated in Northern Portugal and has been embraced by Portuguese gastronomes ever since. It’s also a perfect party dish, as the recipe can be expanded to feed any number of guests. This meaty dish combines many Portuguese flavors and spices, which fortunately are commonly found in American kitchens. This is no minute-meal, but your reward for its preparation will be a genuine taste of Portugal in a dish that’s bound to impress.This recipe comes courtesy of Maria Dias of Portuguese Diner.
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Sonoran Hot Dog
Hot dogs are an amazing invention, partly because of how versatile and fun they can be when you trick them out with toppings. Wrapped in bacon, nestled into a bun, covered with colorful toppings, and the zigzag of condiments, the Sonoran dog has to be one of the coolest, most visibly striking riffs of the genre.Like many epic food creations, the origins of the Sonoran hot dog are hard to pin down. In a New York Times article from 2009, John T. Edge noted tales of bacon-wrapped dogs being fed to crowds at wrestling matches in the 1950s in Mexico City, and Sonora, but also suggested Oscar Meyer’s own print ads hawking the idea of bacon-wrapped dogs may have had something to do with how this riff began.However it got started, the end result is a fun (and messy) one. Refried beans, tomatoes, onions, salsa, avocado, and well, bacon, all come together to create a colorful, zesty, indulgent and filling treat. For tang and texture, the refried beans in this recipe (Texan purists can call them Yankee refried beans all they like, but this riff is tasty!), incorporate an ingredient unlikely to be found in most traditional recipes, but one that Chicago-style hot dog lovers would never eat a hot dog without:  pickles.In any event, just make sure you have some moist, sturdy bread (no top-loading bun substitutions for the traditionally used bolilo rolls).Click here to see 8 Creative Hot Dog Recipes.
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Portuguese Kimchi
Kimchi is a Korean pickled dish, traditionally made with cabbage and daikon radish. Try out this Portuguese take on kimchi; it’s flavored with lots of garlic and piri piri peppers, also known as bird’s eye chiles. Click Here to See More Kimchi Recipes
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