The Best Grilled Side Dishes To Pair With Steak

If you're a meat-eater, the odds are pretty good that grilling a big ol' steak is somewhere on your summer foodie bucket list. There are some classic steakhouse-style sides you can serve with your beef, like mashed potatoes, creamed spinach and Brussels sprouts, but you've already fired up your grill to cook your steak! May as well make your sides over the coals too, and these are some of the best side dishes for steak you can cook on the grill.

Grilled Artichokes

Fresh artichokes don't get the love that they deserve; they have a reputation for being tough and bitter. But if you give them a quick boil and throw them on the grill with a little lemon and garlic, their true nutty scrumptiousness will shine.

For the Grilled Artichokes recipe, click here.

Grilled Corn With Red Chile Garlic Butter

Cooking corn on the grill is one of the simplest summertime pleasures. It pairs perfectly with everything, from barbecued chicken to ribs. Of course, that also means it goes great with steak.

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Easy Grilled Zucchini and Squash Foil Packets

When it comes to seasonal summer produce, zucchini and summer squash really seem to take over your garden. Use these delicious, fresh veggies for this easy foil packet recipe.

For the Easy Grilled Zucchini and Squash Foil Packets recipe, click here.

Sour Cream and Onion Spiced Grilled Tornado Potatoes

There are a lot of fantastic potato side dishes for steak, but the presentation of a tornado potato is hard to beat. The extra surface area also allows for tons of chargrilled flavor.

For the Sour Cream and Onion Spiced Grilled Tornado Potatoes recipe, click here.

Lemon Garlic Grilled Portobellos With Burrata and Tomatoes

Mushrooms are another classic accompaniment for steak, and the earthy flavor of these grilled portobellos plays well with the juicy tomato and creamy cheese in this recipe.

For the Lemon Garlic Grilled Portobellos With Burrata and Tomatoes recipe, click here.

Red Chili Glazed Eggplant

If you're making an Asian-inspired marinated steak, this gochujang glazed eggplant is the exact spicy side you need. Serve it all over some rice for a complete meal.

For the Red Chili Glazed Eggplant recipe, click here.

Teriyaki Mango Skewers

No grilling season is complete without skewers, and the sweetness of the mango and bell pepper on these is a good contrast to beefy, smoky steak.

For the Teriyaki Mango Skewers recipe, click here.

Grilled Summer Vegetables

Did you know you can use your cast iron pan on the grill? It's true! Use that handy kitchen tool to cook up the best summer veggies, like eggplant, onion, zucchini and tomatoes for a healthy, satisfying side. Any leftovers are great the next day served on crusty bread and a slice of cheese.

For the Grilled Summer Vegetables recipe, click here.

Potato Low Country Boil Grill Packets

You don't have to go all-out with a seafood boil this summer to enjoy the flavors of the bayou. This low country boil-inspired side uses shrimp, sausage, corn and potatoes for a hearty side. If you want to keep it veggie-based, omit the sausage and shrimp and add in an extra ear of corn or two.

For the Potato Low Country Boil Grill Packets recipe, click here.

Quick-Pickled Grilled Cauliflower

Pickles and grilled veggies are both classic summer sides, but they come together in this easy grilled and pickled cauliflower recipe.

For the Quick-Pickled Grilled Cauliflower recipe, click here.

Grilled Watermelon Steaks With Walnut Gremolata

Watermelon isn't just for summertime salsas and fruit salad; you can grill this sweet fruit up and serve it with some toasted walnuts for a surprising side.

For the Grilled Watermelon Steaks With Walnut Gremolata recipe, click here.

Grilled Sweet Potatoes

The smokiness you get from cooking food on the grill is the perfect complement to vitamin-rich sweet potatoes. An easy twist on chimichurri as a topping adds brightness and acidity for a well-rounded dish.

For the Grilled Sweet Potatoes recipe, click here.

Wood-Smoked Cauliflower and Carrots With Pistachio Crunch

Cauliflower, carrots and onions are among America's favorite vegetables, and they all come together in this smoky, spicy and sweet summertime side.

For the Wood-Smoked Cauliflower and Carrots With Pistachio Crunch recipe, click here.

Bacon-Wrapped Shrimp Kebabs

Shrimp and steak go together like macaroni and cheese. And one ingredient ties the whole meal together: bacon.

For the Bacon-Wrapped Shrimp Kebabs recipe, click here.

Grilled Lobster Tails

If you want to get really fancy this summer, you can go all out and do a grilled surf and turf with steak and lobster tails. It's a little luxurious and totally delicious. And after you're done grilling steak and lobster, consider cooking more of our 50 favorite grilling recipes for summer.

For the Grilled Lobster Tails recipe, click here.

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