24 Foolproof Seafood Recipes Anyone Can Cook

24 Foolproof Seafood Recipes Anyone Can Cook

You don’t have to be a master chef to make these delicious seafood recipes

These days, more and more home cooks are gaining confidence in the kitchen. They are writing their own food blogs, posting delicious food photographs on Instagram, and using unfamiliar, international ingredients in their own homes with great success. Baking cakes, grilling steaks, and making homemade pasta are all technically challenging projects that people jump at the change to undertake. Cooking seafood at home, however… That people still aren’t sure about.

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Fish can certainly be a fiddly thing to cook if you are new to it. It can also be somewhat daunting — knowing when the fish is cooked, how to tell if its fresh, and even flipping a fillet in a pan may all be aspects of fish cookery that intimidate unfamiliar cooks. The good news is there are so many recipes out there that are practically guaranteed to work. Bold flavors, easy techniques, and straightforward recipes mean that absolutely anyone can pull off cooking a tasty fish dish. Whether you want something quick and easy for a hectic weeknight meal or something more elegant for a dinner party, there is a recipe to help! Some of these wonderful recipes will sway even diehard fish-haters, and all of them are foolproof.