Top Rated Coconut Rice Recipes

Beef Rendang
Zak Pelaccio of Fatty Crab shares the steps to his version of the classic Malaysian dish  
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Green Papaya Salad
Green papaya salad is incredibly popular in Thailand, so next time you're hankering for a salad, switch it up with this recipe.This recipe is courtesy of
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Erin Scott
"Rice pudding for breakfast sounds dreamy. And it is. Especially for the cook, because all it requires is stirring a handful of ingredients together in a slow cooker and flipping the “on” switch. Done. The brown rice cooks gently until it turns soft, fragrant from the coconut milk, and mildly sweet from the maple syrup. The coconut milk also adds richness that will have you double-dipping into your Crock-Pot. Any leftover pudding travels well in a lunch box and also makes a tasty after-school snack."-Katie Sullivan MorfordFrom Rise and Shine by Katie Sullivan Morford, © 2016 by Katie Sullivan Morford. Photographs  © 2016 by Erin Scott. Reprinted by arrangement with Roost Books, an imprint of Shambhala Publications, Inc. Boulder, CO. Click here to purchase your own copy. 
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