Top Rated Buckwheat Recipes

ham and cheese crepes
A crêpe is a very thin pancake usually made from wheat flour. They originate from Brittany, a region in the northwest of France, although have become popular in the rest of France and globally. I like to make my crêpes with both regular, and buckwheat flour as I think it gives the pancake a lovely tang of a flavor when combined with the cheese and ham. If you have a crêpe maker, they are very useful pieces of equipment but if not a crêpe pan is necessary. It's also important to make the batter the day before you want to use it.
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Buckwheat Crepes
Fill these buckwheat crêpes with whatever you fancy: We love a combination of ham, cheese, arugula, and a fried egg.This recipe is courtesy of King Arthur Flour.
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The All-In Salad
The fun thing about this salad is that everyone can create their own version of the dish. If you’re serving this salad at a party or potluck, have each of your friends bring one of the necessary items then, when everyone arrives, have fun building your salads.Recipe courtesy of Lisa Gorman, Director of St. Joseph Health Wellness CenterClick here for more of our best salad recipes.
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