Top Rated Biscuit Recipes

Prosciutto and Cheddar Breakfast Biscuits
Add a new twist on the traditional breakfast sandwich by making these Prosciutto & Cheddar Biscuits!Recipe courtesy of Eggland's Best. 
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These Greek-inspired biscuits can be used for dessert or for a sweet campfire breakfast. Take refrigerated biscuits to a whole new level.
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Biscuit Pizza
When fresh homemade pizzas come to mind, Pillsbury biscuit dough isn’t an obvious option for a crust. Bagels, old baguettes, and other pre-baked breads are the easiest to simply top with some sauce and cheese and reheat in the oven. But the sauce tends to make the final product soggy, and using fresh dough is generally preferable to just reheating old bread, right? For fresh homemade mini-pizzas in a pinch, try using biscuit dough. It gives the final product an appealing rich sweetness, and they’re just the right size for a kid’s meal.
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Quiche Lorraine and biscuits are both brunch classics, so why not merge them together? This savory dish is packed with favorite flavors but super easy to make.This recipe is courtesy of Pillsbury.
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Ham Biscuits with Maple Mayo
An easy recipe for biscuits that uses leftovers from your holiday ham. Recipe courtesy of Kimberly Schlapman, country singer from the Grammy-nominated band Little Big Town and host of cooking show Kimberly's Simply Southern on Great American Country.
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Grilled Biscuit Cheeseburgers
An easy summer treat on the grill- cheeseburgers with grilled Pillsbury biscuits. Check out more great Memorial Day Recipes!
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Southern-Style Biscuits
Long before there were refrigerated cylinders of mediocre biscuit dough at every supermarket waiting to be popped from their container and tossed into the oven, there were fresh, home-baked biscuits. In the South, each woman has her own special recipe, her own process, and her own lore surrounding the biscuit. Do you use vegetable shortening or butter; do you roll out the dough or pat it gently with your hands? What about baking powder — how many tablespoons; do you knead it or hardly touch the dough? With so much mythologizing, it’s no wonder that Americans have settled on the mediocrity of a convenience food just to avoid treading on an adamant baker’s toes!While I appreciate a tale as much as the next woman, I also believe in de-mystifying processes, showing every person (Southern or otherwise) that getting a plate full of steaming biscuits on the table is an achievable goal. — Adrienne Kane, United States of BreadClick here for more of our best biscuit recipes.
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Biscuits just like mama used to make, if your mama was gluten-free. Rich with buttermilk yet fluffy and soft, this recipe will have you wondering why you ever baked with wheat in the first place.     Click here to see the story Land of the Gluten-Free: 10 Iconic American Recipes Without the Wheat
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Chocolate Fridge Cake
This chocolate biscuit cake is set in the refrigerator before being topped with extra chocolate frosting, as a final flourish for this royal dessert.This recipe is courtesy of Betty Crocker.
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This biscuits and gravy casserole couldn't be easier to make and is simply delicious !This recipe is courtesy of
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This southern style breakfast will fill you up fast, but savor each bite! It's a great way to start your morning. 
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Pillsbury Biscuit Breakfast Sandwiches
Got a can of Pillsbury biscuits languishing away in the back of the refrigerator, with no idea what to do? Here is one solution. These quick and easy breakfast sandwiches are definitely not haute cuisine and no hip brunch place would be caught dead serving them, except only ironically for about $10 a pop. But, they are grilled, and that makes everything OK.
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