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“Clams Casino!” is one of Michael McCarty’s favorite “Michaelisms,” an expression he loves to exuberantly cheer to his staff, family, friends, and guests when he feels like he’s living the high life. This classic broiled clams recipe, perfect for a party, never goes out of fashion. Adapted from “Welcome to Michael’s” by Michael McCarty.  Click here to see Oscar Night Cocktail Party Menu.
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Baked Clams Casino (Bob Stein) recipe. Ready In: 45 min. Makes 6-8 servings servings 277 per serving Ingredients: bread crumbs, paprika, olive oil, garlic, clams, littleneck, bacon, lemon

Ingredients2.00 cup Fine soft breadcrumbs2.00 teaspoon Paprika2.00 tablespoon Olive oil1.00 each Clove garlic, very finely Chopped3.00 each Dozen littleneck clams, on The half shell9.00 slice Raw bacon1.00 each Lemon, cut into wedgesPreparing: Heat ...