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S’mores Baked Alaska
Baked Alaska made a comeback in the 1990s, but hasn’t been a Gotham favorite for a while now. Which is interesting given that Delmonico’s, America’s first fine-dining restaurant and a New York institution, is credited with importing it from France.If baked Alaska reappears again, it should be in s’mores form! For me, the signature meringue and combination of hot and cold elements recalls all that is great about the fireside treat. I savored incredible upmarket s’mores all across the city, from Dominique Ansel’s famous frozen version that’s torched to order to a standout interpretation at The Standard East Village’s hot new restaurant Narcissa. But not one s’mores baked Alaska.So I’m leading the charge. Here, a buttery cookie base is topped with molten chocolate cake, a scoop of the best coffee ice cream you can find, and finished off in charred sticky meringue. It’s rich and the most delicious dessert. — Yasmin Newman, author of The Desserts of New York (And How to Eat Them All)
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Baked Alaska
The secret to David Burke's baked Alaska recipe is a little Kahlúa in the ice cream. I adapted this recipe to make it a green tea flavored ice cream. you can also make this recipe with either chocolate or vanilla cake, so feel free to adapt this recipe and leave out the cocoa.
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