The Rowdy Buck

Row 1

1321 E Carson St
Pittsburgh, PA 15203
(412) 431-2825

Foursquare Tips

  • It's the wood that makes it good.
  • I've worked in bars and restaurants for almost 20 years, and I've NEVER encountered worse service. It's downright laughable. Do NOT come here. Ever!!!
  • don't come here if you want one of their specialty drinks. the last 3 or 4 times I have came here the specific African American bartender with the bull nose ring told me that she can't make my drink.
  • This place is the worst. I can't believe they took part of the Beehive and turned it into this atrocity.
  • Irony; The Lackadaisical Buck would be a better name for this bar as the staff is certainly better at ignoring you and your finished drink than getting the place "rowdy".
  • Bartender doesn't know what an IPA is, told me there was none and when I looked at the cooler after there was at least 4. Also they ignore anyone without boobs. Never going there again.
  • Awesome rustic bar. Bill the bartender is great! It is busy on the weekends but weekdays are super chill. Great bar!!!
  • By far the WORST BAR, BARTENDERS & SERVICE EVER! Overpriced alcohol, no draft beer. Terrible clientele. DO NOT COME HERE! !! Save yourself the agony!
  • Stand at the bar long enough late Saturday night, and drunk guys will end up rubbing their cock against your right thigh.
  • Bar service was ridiculously slow and the guys you encounter here are sloppy assholes
  • The DJs are always on point. Decent drinks. Go for the dancing!
  • Despite the name, no country music is played. BUT, the DJ on Saturday nights plays great mixes of pop, hip hop, house music, etc. Fun dance floor and quick bar!
  • This place has riendly barkeeps and an interesting, creative concept.