Corvin Club

Nightclub, Music Venue, Concert Hall
$ $ $
Blaha Lujza tér 1. (Somogyi Béla u.)
Budapest, Budapest 1085
11:00am - 6:00pm
11:00am - 6:00pm
11:00am - 6:00pm
11:00am - 6:00pm


  • Arrive at sunset, go to the roof, order a drink. Wait until it gets dark - and count all the stars. Until the sun rises.
  • Htfn res, kedden raszta badmanok s csahol hnaljkutyk mindenhol, de a zenre pont bealszol, ha dumlni jttl fel. Szerdn let van, dubstep, sok j trap, csti a drognap, htvgn random koncik
  • ragadj a padlora
  • Underground above the city
  • ))
  • Great roof top terrace and alternative/electro club
  • Bunkok a securitysek a bejaratnal!!!!
  • It's easy to get here by tram nr. 4-6 or subway (red line). Tesco Disco takes place here regularly, and of course, you can see here the best Hungarian indie bands. Entrance from Somogyi Bla street.
  • a bit warm but a nice venue anyway...
  • The rooftop bar is a must!
  • Explore all you can... this rooftop bar has an abundance of secrets...! Hidden elevators, secret rooms... let us know what you find!
  • Mondjatok meg kristaly tisztan mit szeretnetek inni kulonben atbasznak
  • Annyira szar, hogy mr a frfi wcben is sorba kell llni
  • Jo hely, csak figyelj a piadra mert kis gyokfejek probaljak lenyulni
  • Top floor and roof of an old communist department store. Don't forget to find the lift containing an attendant with a cooler-box full of Jagermeister.
  • Underground above the city! If you are a fan of electro music - be it trap, dubstep, moombahton, techno, house or something else , well, then this place is absolutely for you!
  • Nice place to dance in a club style & have fun. DJ is pretty good !!!
  • ha beakarsz rgni...
  • sok a lpcs...
  • nagyon jo hely, de a tv-ben mindig a kill bill.megy... :-)

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