Bullock's Cocktail Lounge

Bar, Karaoke, Billiards
$ $
2601 W Bethany Home Rd
Phoenix, AZ 85017


  • Tip stephanie too!
  • Tip Heather! She takes care of us!
  • Cheap ass 3 olives vodka and ice cold beer. Heaven all wrapped up in a dive bar!
  • I hope to be here more
  • Honey BBQ chicken wings
  • The restrooms are disgusting. Heather the bartender is cool.
  • Hanging out with my brothers Jay and Jon at Bullocks causing trouble... :-)
  • Drinks with Dwight & Marcia.
  • -Thee best drinks and food
  • I tried LOL
  • Steak night is awesome. Get there before 7 to make sure you're in the first round of orders.
  • Karaoke is the best...live music every Saturday .....great food