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Foursquare Tips

  • Thank you for supporting this local establishment. East Atlanta Village.
  • Keep on moving every 3rd Saturday. Be there.
  • Be careful they are towing and booting cars in the neighborhood. $75 minimum!!!
  • Go see Leah at the bar, she'll make you the best drinks ever!
  • I've never had a bad time here. great place to party and celebrate.
  • And bring your own toilet paper or go to another bar if you have to pee. The women's bathroom is guaranteed to run out, and the staff is guaranteed to not give a shit.
  • Don't expect to get a drink in a timely fashion. The bartenders are hired to look hot 1st & maybe serve a drink or two 2nd. Then they act entitled & bitchy when they actually have to do their jobs.
  • Fun times! Great music!
  • Get your food first cuz there's none downstairs :-(
  • My new favorite place!