Bangor Mall Cinemas 10

Cineplex, Movie Theater
557 Stillwater Ave
Bangor, ME 04401


  • Don't worry, the ticket taker will often speak in weird voices, it's normal
  • The cinema smells like a basement in the middle of summer.
  • They have cheese toppings for the popcorn.
  • Bring some Febreeze with you because the theatre smells like dirty gym socks!
  • Their concession stand serve a really good Oreo Smoothie. I do not believe it's listed on their wall menu anymore but just ask for it.
  • Don't use your phone during the movie, please. You may think you're being clever or not bothering anyone... But you aren't and you are. Thx
  • Avoid the ticket nazi whenever possible..
  • Security is tight here. You get checked on a lot.
  • Nice crew. Awesome manager. Expensive - to be sure - but great quality.
  • The new reclining seats and updated theaters improve the movie going experience for this theater.
  • Great matinee prices!
  • The movies never start on time and concessions are very over priced
  • Excellent !!!!!
  • A large popcorn and large soda is about $0.50 more than a large soda and a small popcorn. $10+ either way.
  • Theaters are kept clean, friendly staff, prices might be towards the higher end but more then worth it compared to other local options!
  • Not a bad place to see a movie. At least the sound & projector works properly here, even if there are some less-expensive alternatives nearby.

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