Ask A Las Vegas Expert: Thanksgiving Crafts For Kids

Ask A Las Vegas Expert: Thanksgiving Crafts For Kids

Michele Rothstein has been a party planner for the last 20 years and owns Balloons with a Twist, an entertainment and party planning company. Serving Las Vegas, she plans everything from small parties to large corporate events with the decorations to make it pop. But Rothstein also understands the joy children feel when they create something special and she has tips on inexpensive ways to include kids in the Thanksgiving celebration.

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In order to keep her ideas fresh, especially for clients that come back year after year, Rothstein utilizes the Internet, especially Pinterest, to spark her imagination and help get creative juices flowing. She believes Thanksgiving is all about being grateful and that is an important message to instill in children. Doing crafts together is a great way to bring the family together and create lasting memories.

TP Roll Gratitude Turkeys

An empty toilet paper tube can be used to create paper turkeys. Start by painting the toilet paper tube brown, the outside of the cup black and the bottom of the plate orange. Glue the toilet paper tube to a paper plate. To create the turkey’s pilgrim hat, cut the bottom half-inch from the open end of a small paper cup and discard. Cut a circle (2-inch diameter) from black construction paper and glue it to the open end of the cup. Glue the hat to the top of the turkey’s head. Cut 8-12 feathers of different colors from construction paper per turkey. Attach the feathers to the turkey’s body by gluing the base of each feather to the back side of the painted paper plate. Embellish the turkey’s face by adding googly eyes (available at craft stores) and a construction paper beak and wattle.

Handcrafted Fall Napkin Rings

Cover tube sections (toilet paper rolls, paper towel rolls, gift wrap) with choice of materials including felt, fabric, ribbon, twine, paper, colored tape or paint. Binder clips or paper clips are handy for holding ends and edges while the glue dries. Heavier items may need to be glued on with a hot glue gun or stronger adhesive. Embellish napkin rings to match the Thanksgiving table.

Glittered Corn Thanksgiving Centerpiece

Pick some ears of dried corn to glitter fully and other ears to do more sparingly, so the arrangement doesn’t go overboard. For the former, coat fully with craft glue and glitter. For the latter, use a foam brush to lightly dab some kernels with craft glue, then apply glitter. To soften husks so to shape the ears when arranging them, steam over a kettle of boiling water once the glitter has set. Gourds need nothing more than a glittered stem to shine

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Fall Crown

Collect an assortment of colorful leaves or cut your own out of paper. Cut off the tip of the stem and fold the next leaf in half. Poke the cut stem through the folded leaf, threading it in and out and continue with cutting the end of each stem, folding, then poking and threading until it is right size, then connect the two ends in the same manner.

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