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8127 Maryland Ave
St Louis, MO 63105
(314) 725-1019



  • Excellent chopped salad!
  • Should be called brownies not souffls
  • The salad and chicken quesadillas are ok the chocolate souffls is a joke
  • Pan fried chicken - mashed potatoes and fresh green beans. #24hourfoodgeek Follow us at
  • Chopped vegetable salad. #24hourfoodgeek Follow us at
  • Get the chopped salad and substitute the chicken for the salmon.
  • You have to know a secret handshake to get bread around here. Don't expect top notch service, either.
  • You'll find CIA graduate Christopher Burris in the kitchen at Almond's! Learn more about the different careers CIA alumni are pursuing around the country...even around the world!
  • One of the best, comfortable restaurants in STL
  • A hidden gem in Clayton.
  • Try the burger with pepperjack cheese!