Alamo Drafthouse Cinema

Movie Theater
1400 Main St (at W 14th St)
Kansas City, MO 64105
(816) 474-4545


  • Look into buying online really early for big events. Sellouts aren't unusual. You can choose your seats and pick up tickets at a kiosk.
  • Been going to Alamo Drafthouse since the first one opened in Austin. Best theater ever, skip AMC and Cinemark. And a 22oz Guinness for $8? Yes, please!
  • Be savvy! Tickets are $10, but often there are Groupon deals for half off. Also, figure out which theatre a movie is in...some are better than others and might influence your decision.
  • Try the Sazerac... it is a gentleman's drink... classy, yet strong!
  • Greatest movie theater in Kansas City. Easily. Love the cocktail menu and rumble seats.
  • The stall doors in the ladies' room are beyond iconic.
  • The chairs are not as comfy as I would have expected. I kind of miss AMC...
  • Um... $5.50 for a matinee ticket? And a spiked milkshakes delivered to my seat? Absolutely I will.
  • Easily the best movie experience money can buy in Kansas City. If you're going with friends, be sure they're aware of the theater's no tolerance policy on talking/texting during movies.
  • Hands down The Best theater in Kansas City. Specialty showings, excellent sound and picture, mature audience, good food (for a theater) and liw ticket prices. No competition.
  • It's so sad what Alamo Drafthouse has done to this place. This was an amazing place under AMC....
  • Get the beer porter milkshake :-)
  • Big Kahuna burger: not optional.
  • We like the seats in the old AMC soooooo much better!!!! Why change a great thing?!?!? Now you have to lean forward to eat :(
  • Best eat in theater!
  • Love this theater because you can relax and dinner and a movie can all be one stop!
  • Bacon, Brussels Sprouts and Goat Cheese Pizza is the best. Thin crispy crust. Just the right mix flavors! Their mocha shake is also yummy!
  • Convenient parking in H and R block garage after 6 p.m. Reserve your seats and tickets online for ease and convenience. Menu items are pricey, but comparable to all theater concessions.
  • Good beer selection and food. Take their customer experience seriously! No phones during show.

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