Alamo Drafthouse Cinema

Movie Theater
5701 W Slaughter Ln Bldg F
Austin, TX 78749
(512) 861-7060


  • It's got a huuuge parking lot and still NOWHERE TO PARK!
  • Don't talk, turn your damn phone off, and tip your waiters well!
  • Love the split tables... Finally I can pee without disturbing the fat lady next to me :)
  • The Alamo Drafthouse at Slaughter is GORGEOUS. Theater has the bar 400 Rabbits attached which makes for a swankier night out of cocktails & film. This is definitely nicest of the Drafthouse theaters.
  • The Alamo expands to tony Circle C with all its charm intact, with inventive programming and a tongue-in-cheek menu that confirms whey we love the Alamo: Because they love movies as much as we do.
  • The menus are under the table, where there is also an unobtrusive little red light so you can see what you're writing during the movie.
  • ALWAYS buy tickets in advance! This place seems to sell out like no other! My boyfriend and I have now been shut out four times in a row, even showing up 45 mins early. Ridiculous.
  • You should watch a movie.
  • Great customer service
  • Make sure you get there early! The parking lot is big enough but always seems to be full
  • If you're seeing a movie with a group, carpool!
  • New all reserved is nice, but know which tables match which seats. All rows start at 1. So the odd number and the even abve it share a table. Watch out for the handicapped rows!!!
  • Best Alamo in town because of the couples tables. I hate the whole bench thing... Makes for an uncomfortable meal
  • New menu is overpriced. Eat beforehand.
  • way better than the drafthouse on s. lamar. there is actually enough parking, they show more movies and its not sold out every stinkin night.
  • Parking really sucks here
  • It's still got that new theater smell.
  • The green chili mac is heavenly. Pair with fried pickles. Check it out and try one of their seasonal specials which always rock.
  • The best place for films, but the worst location for parking.
  • The building is an elaborate optical illusion. It can actually hold 1,000 more people than there are parking spots outside.

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