AH TAN Crispy Chicken Har Cheong Gai

Fried Chicken
#01-40, Yishun Park Hawker Centre (51 Yishun Avenue 11)
Singapore, 768867


  • They also sell fruit ice pops
  • Chilli sauce is made in-house and takes up to 2hrs to make a big batch.
  • Well balanced har cheong taste with its really crispy batter makes this a good bite.
  • Try the atas chicken cutlet! Its just as good as the chicken wings, minus the bones, so you actually get more meat!
  • I really like the crispy skin. The man behind the wings said he tried hundreds of variations until he got the magic recipe! Congratulations, it's a thumbs up from me!
  • 30 cents for a dabao box.
  • There is a minimum order value ($40) and a days advance. But theyll take pre-orders.
  • Probably the best Har Cheong Gai you can find. Their prawn paste chicken wing and cutlet is really crunchy and crispy. #MakeYishunGreatAgain
  • Crispy light batter not too heavy on prawn paste flavour.
  • The takeaway box is 30 cents but made of paper and isn't even suitable to hold the minimum order of 2 wings - it needs to be sealed with a rubber band.
  • If you prefer a heavier taste of har cheong paste, this place is not for you.