Accessible, At-Home Indian Cooking: ICE Alum Madhuri Sharma

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Accessible, At-Home Indian Cooking: ICE Alum Madhuri Sharma


Among the many emerging opportunities for food entrepreneurs, few sectors have seen as much growth as the cook-at-home meal delivery market. Beyond such omnipresent brands as Blue Apron, a wide range of creative chefs and business owners are launching specialized products that serve the needs and tastes of a niche market. Case in point: ICE Culinary Arts alum Madhuri Sharma, co-founder of Indian-inspired meal kit service Saffron Fix.

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What distinguishes Saffron Fix from other cook-at-home kits, and what is your role at the company?
Saffron Fix delivers all the pre-chopped ingredients and pre-measured spices you need to create delicious Indian meals at home. As a co-founder, my responsibilities range from running the day-to-day operations to planning the expansion and direction of the company as a whole.


On a typical day, I might be involved with recipe development, managing the production of the recipe cards and labels, planning next month’s menu or breaking down our orders into an operational workflow. We are also constantly working on marketing approaches, keeping our vendors competitive and planning our future expansion.


Have you always worked in the culinary industry?
Before enrolling at ICE, I worked as a broadcast content producer at a leading ad agency. What attracted me to the program was the flexibility that ICE offered. Attending classes in the evening allowed me to gain more hands-on culinary experience during the day. While in school, I was able to work as a line cook at a restaurant, assist on culinary photo shoots and intern at Food Network. Being able to do those things simultaneously enhanced my education.


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