5411 Empanadas Truck

Food Truck, Argentinian
Chicago, IL
(312) 972-5411



The 5411 Empanadas truck (that’s fifty-four eleven, not five-four-one-one) "started in 2009 when three friends from Argentina wanted to bring a piece of their country to Chicago." It may have started small, but despite the restrictions it has faced in Chicago (not being able to cook on the truck, for example), 5411 has done very well. They now have one of the city’s most iconic food trucks, as well as a brick-and-mortar location. On the menu, there are 10 savory empanadas, with beef being the best-seller, and one dessert empanada (banana and Nutella). The move? The chef’s pick is the Malbec beefslow-braised beef and sautéed carrots and onions in a Malbec reduction with a side of chimichurri sauce. — Arthur Bovino, 11/13/2012


TWITTER: @5411empanadas
LOCATION/SCHEDULE: Check for listings


  • Pretty good, make sure to try two different ones. I liked the beef and the BBQ chicken.
  • Always a line... Always worth the wait... You should eat here... What else are you gonna do?!?!
  • Make sure to order a bottle of Mexican Coca Cola!
  • This Chi-Town Truck is serving up 6 varieties of Argentine-style baked empanadas. Order the slow-cooked spinach w/ fresh mozzarella, whose sassy attitude sometimes makes it the curd in the punchbowl.
  • Malbec beef FTW!
  • Big fan of the chorizo and potato empanada
  • My favorite is the goat cheese and fig empanada. The truck often runs out early so be sure to get there shortly after he pulls up
  • Get the chimichurri with whichever delicious option you choose
  • Get the Bacon, Date, and Goat Cheese, and some chimichurri sauce.
  • Patatas bravas is solid
  • Get 4 empanadas and make sure they are all different!
  • The empanadas are delicious the chimichurri sauce is a must.
  • Carmelized onion and parmesan empanada is delish, so is the spinach and cheese.
  • Everything is great but Bacon, Date, and Goat Cheese is hands down best.
  • As of 7/2, they don't take credit.
  • Malbec Beef is my favorite, second favorite is bacon/date/goat cheese! Alfajores are amazing too!
  • If I could marry a food, I would walk down the aisle with the spinach and cheese empanadas and ask the chimichurri to be maid of honor.
  • Sounds like they will now be on Madison east of Wacker on Wednesdays
  • Banana & nutella oh my god
  • Beef empanadas + chimichurri FTW